Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A new Home?

This is just way to cool!

Ever since I was a kid and my parents took myself and my siblings to Strasburg, PA to ride the steam train there I've wanted to do this.There's still a motel a few short miles outside of where the small Strasburg railroad is and what is now the Pennsylvania railroad Museum made entirely out of old cabooses.

My family stayed there that weekend and it was fascinating to the impressionable eight-year old I was.I always wanted to get an old caboose, and maybe turn it into a hunting/summer cabin out in the woods somewhere. But never really gave it much thought until I found this website:


Here's what I'm going to do...(That is when I get a slightly better paying job...)Get a little chunk of land somewhere here in southern West Virginia, and get one of these babies. Fix up the interior and live it in.It's only me, so the size wouldn't be a problem. Hell, the square footage of one of them is double the size of the apartment I'm in now anyway! They’re about 9’ wide by 40’ long, plenty of room for just me.I've got all kinds of exterior landscaping ideas already!

Or how about two? Place them side by side, about twenty feet apart on two separate pieces of track. Between the two build a wood deck with a roof and make it look like a turn-of-the century railroad station. Use that as like a deck/patio, have one caboose as a kitchen/dining room and the other as a living room/den/bedroom suite.

Ideas are pouring out of what little gray matter I have left...

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