Saturday, August 20, 2005

Someone else who gets it!

Far from having the absolutely thrilling, facinating and breathtaking hobby of checking out blogs, my hobbies are sleeping and my toenail collection.

But I was doing a little surfing of Blogdom before work last night and found someone who GETS IT...

And it's someone purdy darn famous as they say here in West Virginia.

And he GETS IT!

Who is this famous person you're thinking?

Well, it's none other than Pat Sajak, of TV's Wheel of Fortune fame. For over twenty years he and the equally famous and sultry Vanna White have been entertaining us and giving us that wonderful catch phrase "I'd like to buy a Vowel, Pat!"

A kindred spirit!

Go here:

And here:

My eyes nearly dropped out of my head when I read that. Read those essays and you'll see what I'm talking about.


Well dip me in dogshit!

Who'd a thunk it?

Maybe I'm not nuts...

Well, maybe a little.

Copyright 2005 Thomas J Wolfenden


Dirk said...

I'm surprised he didn't dredge out the Preparation H warning: Not to be taken internally.
About fifteen years ago a bloke down here successfully sued a factory owner for having an unsafe workplace when he fell through a skylight whilst burgling the joint.

Laura said...

I'm surprised you just saw these at Sajak's website - I blogged about it in April:

Ranger Tom said...

I did find it through your post Laura, but I've just recently really had the time to really read all of his posts.