Thursday, September 01, 2005

Seven Questions Quiz

I was pigionholed by the Divine Ms. N into doing this...

Actually, It was kind of fun.


Seven things you plan to do before you die

1. Become a railroad engineer
2. Finish my book
3. Visit Australia & the UK
4. Live in a caboose
5. Get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep
6. Take a train trip from coast to coast
7. Retire

Seven things you can do

1. Shoot a rifle really good
2. Order a beer and get my face slapped in four languages
3. Cook
4. Write (I think)
5. Look myself in the mirror
6. Drive in the snow
7. Fart

Seven things you can't do

1. Fly a blimp
2. French-kiss a rabid badger
3. Put up with stupid people
4. Not cry at the end of "Ol' Yeller"
5. Sleep eight hours without some asshole calling me wanting to sell me vinyl siding
6. Figure women out
7. Never go home again

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex

1. Long hair
2. Self-confidence
3. Sarcastic sense of humor
4. Intelligence
5. Glasses
6. Flexibility
7. No gag-reflex (you asked!)

Seven things you say most

1. "What the Fuck!"
2. "Bartender, I’ll have another..."
3. "What the Fuck!"
4. "No, I do NOT want vinyl siding!"
5. "What the Fuck!"
6. "Can I please have some coffee flavored coffee?"
7. "What the Fuck!"

Seven celebrity crushes

1. Jan Smithers, Bailey from WKRP in Cincinnati
2. Christina Abernathy from The Weather Channel
3. Alexandra Steele, also from The Weather Channel
4. Jonetta Jones, again from The Weather Channel
5. Emily Procter, who plays Callie on CSI-Miami
6. Vanessa Ferlito, Who plays Aiden on CSI-NY
7. I can't think of any more...

Seven people you want to take this quiz...

1. Bart
2. Kat Woman
3. Tina
4. Syd
5. Dirk
6. Becky
7. Anyone else reading my blog


Dirk said...

I have only this to say.

Ranger Tom said...

I know Dirk... I know... I'm not a huge fan of these things either, but Ms N is a friend, and once in a while doesn't hurt.

This one was actually kind of fun...

I absolutely hate those chain eamils though...

The ones where it bemoans the plight a little Svetlana from Bulgaria or someplace if you don't send it off to everyone in your adress book in 39.2 seconds a huge hole will be ripped in the Space~Time Continuum ending all life as we know it in the universe...

Lisa said...

No gag reflex. That is so funny. You know Tom, you are SUCH a classy guy. heehee.

That was a good idea for an entry. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it. We have relatives in New Orleans that have lost everything.... So it is very sad around here.

Lindsey said...

Lol! I laughed so hard at this one Ranger crack me up!
Gag reflex?! he he he. Just so you's not all OUR fault. How in the hell do you guys expect us not to choke when you suddenly jerk the back of our heads and not only screw up our rhythm but choke us in the process...Watch what you're doing!!!!

Sydney said...

I sleep more than eight hours for you EVERY night. And I have weird dreams the entire time! LOL Ok, I'll take the quiz and post it. I love What the fuck by the way. My son and I both say it. I keep telling him not to but its kind of hard when I say it. Plus, he doesnt drink, smoke or do drugs at 17 1/2, so I can live with the WTF.

Also, I DON'T think you're that dense. ;)

Sydney said...

LOL no gag reflex! Very cute.

Ranger Tom said...

Lisa: I'm loaded with class... Low class!

Linny: I'll try to be more careful...

Syd: Thanks for sleeping the eight hours for me. Now that I no longer have to sleep, I can get a second job to pay for the gas that it takes to drive to my first job...

Tina said...

Ok, it took a while but check out my blog for your answers to the quiz :-P~