Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm lovin' it?


Back in June I bitched about always getting cold food from a McDonald's in Virginia when I was working at a coal mine there...

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Anyway, it seems like this little problem is following me. But it's worse this time. At least when I was down in Richlands, VA I was working day work and had several other choices for a low-cost, high cholesterol artery-clogging CVA in a sack.

Now I'm working the 'hoot-owl' shift and the only thing open 24 hours is the local McD's.

Four days running now I've gotten not only stone cold fries, but my burger was stone cold too, with a rock hard bun.

This morning I just had had enough, so before I even pulled away from the drive-through window, I checked and everything again was cold. Not only cold, but my fries were still fucking RAW.

As in un-cooked.

I pounded on the window and asked for the manager.

I showed him my un-cooked fries and when I opened the box for my double quarter pounder, that too was cold. I handed them back and demanded fresh stuff. He apologized and offered a hot apple pie, which I declined. I just want my food hot when I get it. Is that too fucking much to ask for?

I know that 2:30 AM on a Monday morning during a blinding snowstorm must be their busiest time...

This isn't the only problem with this particular restaurant. I get the same Goddamn thing every night. I know, I've really original. The price seems to change from night to night also, and I find myself explaining to the cashier what the cost of the meal should be and how much change I should be receiving.

I know I'm probably expecting far to much here, but I'd like to get a little consistency besides consistent shitty food and service.

I'm going to sound like an aging dinosaur here again when I say I truly miss the time of the old Mom & Pop all night diner where a waitress named "Dot" sporting a beehive hairdo and called you "hon" always kept your coffee cup filled and the food, although probably wasn't the most healthy in the world, was at least served hot and fresh and had some flavor besides the lingering aftertaste of the cardboard container.

So I finally get my fresh food from the manager and head back to my patrol. I stop and eat, and yes, my food is hot and fresh...

I go to take a drink of my coke...

It's warm with no ice.

What the fuck!

Copyright 2005 Thomas J Wolfenden


Courtney said...

Sounds like McD's should be paying you for your service to them :) They don't even have to be their own cashiers or anything. Jeez - that's bad.

Cheryl said...

Hmm, that does suck. Maybe you should bring your lunch or something.

honkeie2 said...

Its just like working on your car, get on tire fixed and the head light go.
Maybe next time look for a taco bell :-P

Lisa said...

Apparently, they thought you meant EVERYTHING should be warm. heehee. That sucks! Especially when you are really hungry and you just want a damn burger, is that too much to ask? Ugh.

berly02 said...

That is so frustrating.

Sherri said...

Ok, here's what you can do. :D

(I have a lot of fun with this.) Order the quarter pounder 'minus' something. That means they have to make it from scratch. Order your fries without salt. Believe me, the salt is probably caked on the fry container thing. But, because you ordered them without salt, they have to make a fresh batch. Order your coke 'light ice'. No real reason for the 'light ice'. It's just fun to be a pain in the ass.

Lindsey said...

that stuff pisses me off too. That's rediculous. I get the raw fries thing a lot with Krystals. Like they're in such a hurry that they're pulling all the fries early. I'm not paying for half done crap.