Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Writing again

For several years now I've been trying to write a book. The idea germinated back in the early 90's and it started out as a police novel of sorts. But I could never get the ideas to flow past the second or third chapter, so about four years ago I scrapped the idea for good. It was a shitty story to begin with, and the global changes like the implosion of the Soviet Union and domestic politics have changed so drastically in the last decade the story would have been dated before it even got published.
So, right before my divorce I got another idea for a story and began doing some research for that until my marriage fell apart and I had a lot of other things on my plate I needed to take care of before I did anymore work on it.
About eight or nine months ago I had enough time and was stable and settled here in West Virginia so I started writing again.
Over and above what I post here, I spend about four hours a day writing and re-writing the story and I'm just about done with the first five chapters. I like where the story is going and I like most of the characters.
Here's what I'm going to do. Probably sometime after the first of the year, I'm going to create another blog dedicated just for the story. I'll post a chapter a month... And here's what I'd like for you, my loyal readers to do if you want. I'll let you know when the story is up, and if you could take a peek and let me know how it is. I really do trust your opinions, and would really like to know if it's worth continuing on with.
Be honest. Good, bad or indifferent. It would help to know if my efforts are worth going on with. I've got a pretty thick skin, so don't be shy!
And on another note, I noticed this morning my hit counter has passed the 20,000 mark... Not bad for only a year!
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Courtney said...

Sounds good :)
I don't have a hit counter...it's been a year for me too, so it's probably too late to worry about adding one now. Bummer

Sherri said...

Excellent! I love to read! Looking forward to seeing your work.

And, congrats on the 20,000.

honkeie2 said...

I just looked at my hit counter for the first time in a while and I am at 3,768-whooohooo!
Good luck on the book idea, I have been trying to write one since I was a kid but it has never really come to light. I have tried but I dont think its in me to write a book. Maybe I will try short stories for a while.

Diana said...

Looking forward to reading it, I know you had a really good premise. Hope your day is fantastic!!

Okie said...

One of these days I'm going to make the time to attempt to write something. I can't wait to read yours. Keep me posted.

Lindsey said...

Good for you! I keep trying to work on a book and I just can't seem to stick to it.

Lisa said...

Congrats to YOU! Can't wait to hear more about the book.

Bev said...

Happy Birthday, Ranger Tom. Hope it was a good one.

JenJen said...

Hey... wasn't this a scene in "Sideways"?

Keep your manuscript under two boxes, and I'm in.

Ranger Tom said...

Thanks for the encouragement... Sometime after the 1st I'll have it posted.

And I know I've been slack in commenting on your comments... I'll be a good boy from now on!