Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Antichrist, uncovered!

Last night at work I was listening to Coast To Coast AM as usual, but last night's show was something special. Every year the host, Art Bell, does his "Yearly Predictions" on the day before the new year. He takes 100 predictions from callers of possible things that might happen in the coming year, and goes through last year's predictions to see if any had come true or not.
Throughout the year I listen to the overnight radio show religiously, not because I believe in a lot of things he has on it, because some of the guests and topics are kind of out there on the fringe, but merely for entertainment. It is kind of a fun show to listen to, and I do believe in some of the stuff he has on, like ghosts, spirits and stuff like that. His Friday before Halloween show I really look forward to every year because it's all ghost stories from the listeners, which I really love.
So, anyway... I'm listening to the predictions show earlier this morning and the second caller to give his prediction for 2006 was a guy from somewhere out west. He predicted that the Antichrist would be revealed...
And the Antichrist would be found to be...
I always new there was something squirrelly about that guy... And those fucked up sunglasses!
I hope you all have a healthy and happy new year!
Check back tomorrow for my own New Year's resolution!
Copyright 2005 Thomas J Wolfenden


berly02 said...

That would be crazy.
Where does this show broadcast from?

Sherri said...

That sounds like quite the radio show. Now I feel I'm missing out! LOL

cmk said...

Your comment about knowing there's something squirrelly about the guy made me chuckle. :) I think I agree.

Ranger Tom said...

berly & Sherri: "Coast to Coast AM" is a sydicated talk radio program in about 500 markets across the US and on satellite radio... It's been on the radio overnights for about 15 years now and I got hooked on it in the early 90's when I was still a cop. It deals with all kinds of unexplained stuff, like UFO's, Bigfoot, Ghosts and the like. The guests are pretty remarkable and even though you might not believe in some of the stuff, it does make you take pause and think about some things. I especially like when they have things on about ghosts and things of that nature because I really believe in them.

The show has a website, go here:

CMK: He is though, isn't he?

Lisa said...

I never thought of Bono as being the anti-christ. But there have been more than a few times, I've thought my child was it. :-)