Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's Merry Christmas, damnit!

I've just about had enough of this political correct bullshit, especially around this time of year. Reading the paper this morning I noticed an ad for live "Holiday Trees" for sale.
Holiday trees?
Tell me please, how many other holidays have tree? None, zero, zip, nada! That's how many. It's damn Christmas tree. You don't see trees on any other national holiday, do you?... And don't say Arbor Day or I will definitely throttle you.
If it's a holiday tree, I want to see trees for sale around the Forth of July! Nice big red, white and blue trees! Or how about St. Patrick's day trees? Hey, they're already green! Just hang bottles of booze on them and you're set!
And here's why it really pisses me off. I'm told it's to be tolerant of other people who don't observe Christmas.
Let me get this perfectly clear in my muddled, prehistoric dinosaur of a brain. 85% of the country's population is Christian, therefore 85% of the population celebrates or observes Christmas. So to be tolerant, as not to offend the other 15%, we have to not mention Christ or Christmas at all.
Do we do this with Ramadan or Hanukkah? Or how about that other contrived 'holiday', Kwaanza?
Not only the answer to that is no, but a big fat hairy Fuck No! Those other holidays are rammed down our collective throats...
I'll tell you my definition of tolerance. Those 15% who don't observe or celebrate Christmas should just shut the fuck up and let us who do observe Christmas let us have the one day out of the year... They should tolerate us!
They should be tolerant of the majority... Not the other way around. But again, I must be dreaming because that'll never happen.
And those stores who refuse to let their employees say "Merry Christmas"? I've come up with a great way to fight back. Next time you're at the mall around this time of year, go into one of the stores who bar the employees from saying the traditional greeting, load up with about $10,000 worth of merchandise and take it to the counter... When the clerk wishes you a "Happy Holiday", tell them since they don't recognize your holiday by saying "Merry Christmas", you've changed your mind about spending your money there and will go elsewhere with your business.
If enough people got the cajones to actually do that, maybe the word would go up the ladder and the corporate heads would get the hint.
But in all seriousness, I doubt it.
Merry Christmas!
Copyright 2005 Thomas J Wolfenden


berly02 said...

Preach it brother!!!

Courtney said...

You're right - it pisses me off, too. I make it a point to say Merry Christmas

Lora said...


Becky said...

Someone e-mailed me this morning and suggested we all send Christmas cards to the ACLU, just to tick them off. What do you think?

DivineMsN said...

Wow, you really are foamy!

Bev said...

Merry Christmas, right back at ya.

dasi said...

Happy Holidays, Tom!

(Sorry, I'm still upset about my water - see my post, so I felt like being a bitch!! ;) )

Sherri said...

Merry Christmas to you too! :D

Crazy Me said...

Amen!! I am standing on my chair applauding you right now!!

Lora said...

Hey, I really like Becky's idea!

Colin said...

Great reading mate. I'll definately come back and read some more. Have I mentioned before that we thing alike :-)