Sunday, December 04, 2005

Killer squirrels, two-faced French and satellite dishes

Again, I feel it's my mission to scour the internet finding the really odd shit and bring it to you, my faithful readers, so you don't have to.
Next time you're out in the park, beware of those furry little guys bounding from tree to tree acting all cute, eating acorns and other stuff... Beware! Those cute little creatures just might attack and kill you!
Read the article from Pravda:
On to the next story.
I always knew the French were two-faced, thankless bastards, but they've gone ahead and proved it this week with the first ever face transplant.
Go here for that story:
Talk about creepy.
And for a nugget of strangeness a little close to my home, a guy in Beckley has become an overnight celebrity for having a collection of twelve satellite dishes and it's still growing. He can get over 5000 channels now, but I bet there still isn't shit on.
Go here for that story:
Now, for another fucked up squirrel, the new Foamy is out... And boy does he speak the truth on this one!
Pretty sad when I agree 100% with a cartoon squirrel!
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Bev said...

I love that cartoon squirrel. So smart.

Cheryl said...

i heard about the face transplant thing and chose to ignore it. think I will again.

Lisa said...

That whole face transplant idea is freaking. So I'm with Cheryl.

Crazy Me said...

Squirrels are all over my backyard. Now I'm going to have nightmares, thanks a lot!!

Airforce Guy said...

thats soooo rong! foamy is 2 funny tho!

Kat_womanx2 said...

Imagine the scarred face of a 12 yr old child, burned horribly in a custody battle between or dad decided that if they couldn't have the child full time..they'd just kill them to hurt the other parent...only the child didn't die. The child was left disfigured, facial skin looking as if a candle was melting wax down the side...nose gone...ears gone...stared at, ridiculed and taunted by the other kids at school who don't understand anything about what this child has went through. The emotional trauma...the daily pain...the surgeries to lengthen tendons and muscles and skin to make something of a smile that ends up looking more like a sneer on the face of a derranged clown...the kids at school still point and laugh..and name call....If I died tomorrow..I would gladly donate my face to this child....or the abused wife who's husband threw battery acid onto her face...or the woman hit by a drunk driver who lost half her face when the windshield broke free and carved it away for her...I would no longer need my face anymore, but I would be able to continue to physically smile through the heart of someone else....sometimes we need to look past the absurdity of science and technology and see the bigger picture

Ranger Tom said...

Kat: You are soo right, and I understand what this woman who had the transplant did it for. I was in no way laughing or poking fun at this woman's plight, far from it because of just what you've stated.

I was poking fun at the proceedure,which, if you think about it is kind of creepy in a Frankenstienish way. But I do understand why it was done and would never make fun of the individual who it happened to.